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Reasons for Wrongful Termination


In California, at-will employment laws generally allow employers to terminate employees for any – or no – reason, at any time. As with most laws, however, there are exceptions to at-will termination, and in some situations, firing an employee might constitute wrongful termination. It is important to discuss any concerns regarding your termination with an experienced employment lawyer in Walnut Creek.

Violations of Employee Rights

There are many state and federal laws that provide rights for employees, and sometimes, a termination will occur in violation of these rights. When this happens, employees can take legal action to recover damages lost due to the wrongful termination. Termination reasons that violate an employee’s rights include:

  • Discriminatory reasons based on protected factors, such as race, religion, disability, age, sex, and more
  • In retaliation for complaining about possible harassment, discrimination, wage and hour violations, safety violations, or other unlawful acts of an employer
  • Retaliation for exercising another legal right, such as taking qualified medical and family leave, filing a valid workers’ compensation claim, or serving on a jury, among others
  • For an employee’s refusal to engage in unethical or illegal activity requested by the employer
  • In violation of an existing employment contract

These are not the only reasons for wrongful termination, but they are some of the most common. After getting fired, it is important to review the circumstances of your termination to determine whether your employer violated your rights in any way. You can always discuss the matter with a Walnut Creek employment attorney who can evaluate your rights.

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