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UCLA Sexual Assault Victims Might Get the Opportunity to Bring Claims


In 2018, UCLA began investigating Dr. James Heaps, an OB-GYN who served the UCLA community in various capacities from 1983 until 2018. The investigation of Dr. Heaps stemmed from allegations of inappropriate sexual contact by Dr. Heaps that was not medically necessary or warranted. While UCLA received its first complaint in 2014, Dr. Heaps was not investigated and terminated until 2018. Approximately 159 former patients expressed concern to UCLA about the doctor’s actions.

Sexual assault causes many injuries for victims – both physical and mental. Medical and psychological treatment is often required, and victims might suffer from symptoms of PTSD. The civil court system allows sexual assault victims to bring claims seeking compensation for their losses from their assailants. This is different from the criminal process, and a civil claim is often required for victims to receive the full compensation they deserve.

Assembly Bill 3092

There is a time limit for sexual assault victims to bring injury claims in California, called the statute of limitations. In 2019, California extended the statute of limitations in sexual assault cases from two years to ten years following the last act of sexual assault. While this is a positive change, the ten-year statute of limitations might be expired for many victims of Dr. Heaps.

Now, the California Assembly is considering Assembly Bill 3092, which would allow the following:

  • If you were a victim of sexual assault or other sexually inappropriate conduct of a physician associated with UCLA from January 1983 to January 1, 2019, and
  • If your civil sexual assault claim would be barred solely because of the statute of limitations,
  • You would have the ability to file a claim prior to December 31, 2021

If AB 3092 passes, many additional sexual assault victims of Dr. Heaps would have the ability to seek the financial recovery and justice they deserve.

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